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It is as if it just came from nowhere. The team can come to no agreement. Ruiz-Sanchez concludes that Cleaver will probably get his way, and Lithian society will be exterminated. Despite his conclusions about the planet, he has a deep affection for the Lithians. As the humans board their ship to leave, Chtexa gives Ruiz-Sanchez a gift—a sealed jar containing an egg. It is a son of Chtexa, to be raised on Earth and learn the ways of humans.

Ruiz-Sanchez sees that it is two questions, despite the omission of a comma between the two, so that the answer can be "Yes, and No".

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The egg hatches and grows into the individual Egtverchi. Like all Lithians, he inherits knowledge from his father through his DNA. Earth society is based on the nuclear shelters of the 20th century, with most people living underground. Egtverchi is the proverbial firecracker in an anthill; he upends society and precipitates violence. Ruiz-Sanchez has to go to Rome to face judgment.

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His conviction about Lithia is viewed as heresy, since he believes Satan has the power to create a planet. This is close to Manichaeism. He has an audience with the Pope himself to explain his beliefs. First, Lithia could have been a deception, not a creation. And second, Ruiz-Sanchez could have done something about it, namely, perform an exorcism on the whole planet. The priest bows his head in shame that he has overlooked an obvious solution to his own case of conscience while he was absorbed in "a book [ Finnegans Wake ] which to all intents and purposes might have been dictated by the Adversary himself A violent mass riot breaks out, fomented by Egtverchi and made possible by the psychosis present in many of the citizens as a result of living in the 'shelter state' an earlier reference to the "Corridor Riots of " indicates that this is not the first time violence has burst out among the buried cities.

During the riot, Agronski dies as a result of being stung by one or more genetically modified honeybees. Ruiz-Sanchez administers extreme unction, despite his almost-faithless state. Egtverchi secretly boards a spaceship to Lithia. Michelis and Ruiz-Sanchez are taken to the Moon, where a new telescope has been set up, based on "a fundamental twist on the Haertel equations which makes it possible to see around normal space-time, as well as travel around it" so that the instrument presents a view of Lithia in real-time, bypassing the delay caused by the speed of light.

Cleaver is on Lithia, setting up his reactors, but the physicist who invented the telescope technology believes he has found a fault in Cleaver's reasoning. There is a chance that the work will set off a chain reaction in the planet's rocks and destroy it. As they watch on the screen, Ruiz-Sanchez pronounces an exorcism. The planet explodes, eliminating Cleaver and Egtverchi, but also Chtexa and all the things Ruiz-Sanchez admired.

It is left ambiguous whether the extinction of the Lithians is a result of Ruiz-Sanchez's prayer or Cleaver's error.

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While faulting the novel for "extreme unevenness", Galaxy reviewer Floyd C. Gale concluded that A Case of Conscience was "a provocative, serious, commendable work" and characterized it as "trailblaz[ing]". Anthony Boucher found Blish's protagonist "a credible and moving figure" and praised the opening segment; however he faulted the later material for "los[ing] focus and impact" and "wander[ing]" to an ending that seems "merely chaotic.

He reviewed the novel as "resonat[ing] with a note of its own. Harman Patil Editor I love reading books and watching sci fi flicks. Updated on Mar 03, Like Comment Share. Rate This.

Title: A Case of Conscience

A case of conscience. Contents A case of conscience A case of conscience del rey impact by james blish Part 1 Part 2 Reception Awards and nominations References Few science fiction stories of the time attempted religious themes, and still fewer did this with Catholicism; an exception was Walter M. A case of conscience del rey impact by james blish. Free delivery in Phnom Penh. Safe shopping. With Fado Big Time. A Canticle for Leibowitz. Starship Troopers. Way Station.

Double Star. More Than Human.

A Crisis of Conscience

Lord of Light. This Immortal. The Stars My Destination. The Long Tomorrow. The Forever Machine. Publisher Del Rey. Publication date September 5, Language English. Product Dimensions 5. Shipping Weight Book length ISBN Best Sellers Rank First published in , James Blish's Hugo Award-winning is science fiction at its very best: a fast-paced, intelligent story that offers plenty of action while at the same time explores complex questions of values and ethics. The stone door slammed. It was Cleaver's trade-mark: there had never been a door too heavy, complex, or cleverly tracked to prevent him from closing it with a sound like a clap of doom.

And no planet in the universe could possess an air sufficiently thick and curtained with damp to muffle that sound--not even Lithia. It would take Paul Cleaver's impatient fingers quite a while to free him from his jungle suit, and in the meantime the problem remained. It was a century-old problem, first propounded in , but the Church had never cracked it. And it was diabolically complex that adverb was official, precisely chosen, and intended to be taken literally. Even the novel which had proposed the case was on the Index Expurgatorius, and Father Ruiz-Sanchez had spiritual access to it only by virtue of his Order.

He turned the page, scarcely hearing the stamping and muttering in the hall. On and on the text ran, becoming more tangled, more evil, more insoluble with every word:.

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  6. Magravius threatens to have Anita molested by Sulla, an orthodox savage and leader of a band of twelve mercenaries, the Sullivani, who desires to procure Felicia for Gregorius, Leo Vitellius and Macdugalius, four excavators, if she will not yield to him and also deceive Honuphrius by rendering conjugal duty when demanded.

    Anita who claims to have discovered incestuous temptations from Jeremias and Eugenius-- There now, he was lost again. Jeremias and Eugenius were--? Oh, yes, the "philadelphians" or brotherly lovers another crime hidden there, no doubt at the beginning of the case, consanguineous to the lowest degree with both Felicia and Honuphrius--the latter the apparent prime villain and husband of Anita.

    It was Magravius, who seemed to admire Honuphrius, who had been urged by the slave Mauritius to solicit Anita, seemingly under the aegis of Honuphrius himself. This, however, had come to Anita through her tirewoman Fortissa, who was or at one time had been the common-law wife of Mauritius and had borne him children--so that the whole story had to be weighed with the utmost caution. And that entire initial confession of Honuphrius had come out under torture--voluntarily consented to, to be sure, but still torture.

    Such an admission from Cleaver was unprecedented. The physicist was sitting on a pouf of woven rushes, stuffed with a sphagnumlike moss, which was bulging at the equator under his weight. He was half-way out of his glass-fiber jungle suit, and his face was white and beaded with sweat, although his helmet was already off. His uncertain, stubby fingers tore at a jammed zipper. Why didn't you say you were ill in the first place? Here, let go of that; you're only making things worse. What happened? Ruiz-Sanchez knelt beside him and began to work it carefully back onto its tracks. It's been in the back of my mind that a pilot-plant for turning out tritium might locate here eventually--ought to be able to produce on a prodigious scale.

    Anyhow, I didn't see anything. A few lizards, hoppers, the usual thing. Then I ran up against a plant that looked a little like a pineapple, and one of the spines jabbed right through my suit and nicked me. Didn't seem serious, but--" "But we don't have the suits for nothing. Let's look at it. Here, put up your feet and we'll haul those boots off. Where did you get the--oh.

    Well, it's angry-looking, I'll give it that. Any other symptoms? When Cleaver complied, it became evident that his complaint had been the understatement of the year. The mucosa inside his mouth was nearly covered with ugly and undoubtedly painful ulcers, their edges as sharply defined as though they had been cut with a cookie punch. Ruiz-Sanchez made no comment, however, and deliberately changed his expression to one of carefully calculated dismissal.

    If the physicist needed to minimize his ailments, that was all right with Ruiz-Sanchez. An alien planet is not a good place to strip a man of his inner defenses. There Ruiz-Sanchez took smears from several of the ulcers onto microscope slides, and Gram-stained them. He filled the time consumed by the staining process with the ritual of aiming the microscope's substage mirror out the window at a brilliant white cloud. When the timer's alarm went off, he rinsed and flame-dried the first slide and slipped it under the clips.

    As he had half-feared, he saw few of the mixed bacilli and spirochetes which would have indicated a case of ordinary, Earthly, Vincent's angina--"trench mouth," which the clinical picture certainly suggested, and which he could have cured overnight with a spectrosigmin pastille. Cleaver's oral flora were normal, though on the increase because of all the exposed tissue. But your 'pineapple' did you a bad turn. Most plants of that family on Lithia bear thorns or leaves coated with polysaccharides that are poisonous to us.

    The particular glucoside you ran up against today was evidently squill, or something closely related to it. It produces symptoms like those of trench mouth, but a lot harder to clear up. View more.