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In particular the two editors of this volume experienced and enjoyed the stimulating atmosphere at his Chair of Economics at the Hamburg University.

Behavioural Economics - Policies in Action

We like to remember these scientifically and personally fruitful years under the tutorship of Horst Todt. The editors would like to thank the contributors to this volume for their readiness to cooperate and for the promptness of their delivery. Product Details Table of Contents.

Essays in Honor of Horst Todt

Peschel: Horst Todt in Tartu. Buhr, T. Christiaans: Economic Decisions by Approved Principles. Holler: Fairness, Power and Their Relationship. Bolle, A. Kritikos: Solidarity. Vilks: What is a Game? Wiesmeth: The Global Homo Oeconomicus. Chen: Asset Disposition and Economic Development. Carlberg: Policy Mixes in a Monetary Union. Karmann, M. Ostmann, R. Selten, R. Tietz: Imitation in a Two-Level Hexapoly.

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By Steven G. By Martin Eisend. By Ralf Terlutter. By Shintaro Okazaki. By Sara Rosengren. By Kyle Kauffman. By Charlotte Bruun.

By Peter J. By Leonard Green. By Horst Todt. By Kenneth D. By Pierre-Yves Henin. By Jorn Altmann. By Mohammed Abdellaoui. By Bernhard Fleischmann. By Satish V. By John W. Radhakrishna Rao. By Werner Hildenbrand. By Baldev Raj. By Truman F. Items Per Page: 15 30 60 Year Newest Pub. Items - of Check box to include out-of-stock items. View: Grid List. Offering winning techniques for spectacular sales results, the creator of The Psychology of Selling shows readers how to conquer fears, read customers, plan strategically, focus efforts on key emotional elements, and close every sale.

Read by Brian Tracy. Book available. Many research studies in the social and economic fields regard the collection and analysis of large amounts of data. These data sets vary in their nature and complexity, they may be one-off or repeated, they may be hierarchical, spatial or temporal. Examples include textual data, transaction-based data, medical data and financial time-series. Standard statistical techniques are usually not well suited to manage this type of data and many authors have proposed extensions of classical techniques or completely new methods.

The huge size of these data-sets and their complexity require new strategies of analysis sometimes subsumed under the terms "data mining" or "predictive analytics". This volume contains a peer review selection of papers, whose preliminary version was presented at the international meeting of the Italian Statistical Society "Statistical Methods for the analysis of large data-sets". It collects new ideas, methods and original applications to deal with the complexity and high dimensionality of data. This notion has evolved into a materially different form from the original idea behind traditional mean-variance analysis.

Shows how companies have forged new relationships and long-term alliances that bring special advantages over normal supply chains. Walks through a process for constructing the value chain constellation necessary to save costs, increase profits, and dominate the market.

Also presents a model against which companies can calibrate their progress. Annotation c. Advanced Technologies for Future Transmission Grids addresses the re-engineering of power transmission systems necessitated by the ambitious goals for integration of renewable generation being put in place by regulators around the world and particularly in the European Union.

Transmission planning and day-to-day operation can make use of innovative technologies in order to better exploit the existing infrastructure and reduce the necessity of building new assets. The book provides an overview of the technologies most likely to be of help to planners of transmission grids in responding to the challenges of the future: - security of supply; - integration of renewable generation; and- creation of integrated energy markets using the European case as an example.

These issues have increased importance because of administrative complication and the fragmentation of public opinion on the build up of new infrastructure. For each technology discussed, the focus is on the technical-economic perspective rather than on purely technological points of view. A transmission-system-operator-targeted technology roadmap for the integration of promising transmission technologies within power systems in the mid-long term is presented.

Although the primary focus of this text is on the energy market within Europe, the lessons learned can be generalized to those of other regions. This collection reprints 15 manuscripts originally published in the Journal of organizational and end user computing. The three sections comprising volume four address collaborative technologies and implementation issues, e-commerce processes and practices, and research trends.

Topics include the role of personal goal and self-efficacy in predicting computer task performance, measurement of perceived control in information systems, organizational knowledge sharing in ERP implementation, and the incidence of risky computing practices by users. Just-in-time management strategies continue to evolve and remain crucial for world-class business operations.

Schniederjans and Olson focus on the latest, most important advances in JIT strategies and explain how to use a broad range of information about them, pulled from the latest significant JIT literature. Covering quantitative methods and conceptual ideas often reported in obscure sources and thus frequently inaccessible even to scholars, their book makes its points with easily grasped examples to help readers put the ideas here immediately to use. An extensive, up-to-date bibliography of recent JIT books is presented in a way that will help users quickly identify titles most important for their own special needs.

Production and other operations executives will find the book an essential resource in their ongoing effort to keep themselves up-to-date and stay there. The traditional transaction model, with the atomicity, consistency, isolation and durability properties, was originally developed for data processing applications. To meet the new requirements and challenges for the next-generation information systems, researchers have continued to refine and generalize the traditional model in several directions. This book assembles an important collection of papers authored by world-renowned thinkers, designers and implementors of database systems, to describe developments that lie at the heart of current research in advanced transaction processing areas.

Advanced Transaction Models and Architectures will provide researchers and students with the most complete survey of current research available on this subject. Broad in scope, this book could serve as a textbook not only in a specialized course at the graduate level, but also in an introductory course on advanced transaction systems. The book concludes with a complete bibliography which provides an invaluable guide for further reading.

This book's focus is on modeling procedures and applications of integrated models to the analysis of real world problems. The models are actually applied to analyses of policy issues in Korea, where a strong mixed economic system prevails. The main thesis of this book is that the characteristics of socio-economic activity that best describe mixed economic systems are 1 the interaction between the public and private sectors and 2 the derived nature of transportation demand.

Advances in Behavioral Economics: Essays in Honor of Horst Todt

On this basis, models that are introduced in this book explicitly describe real world situations where public and private sectors play significant roles in shaping regional economic systems. Further, these models are capable of suggesting optimal levels of government investment in transportation that most enhance the market system. Thus, models in this book are advanced in both theoretical and operational senses. The book will be of value to a variety of readers: urban planners, regional scientists, geographers, economists, systems analysts, operational researchers, applied mathematicians, and social scientists who are concerned with models of, and theories about, transportation in mixed economic systems.

Wie dieses setzt das "Advanced Treasury Management" inhaltlich und methodisch neue Akzente. Er leitete zuvor den Beteiligungsbereich eines internationalen Touristikunternehmens und die Mandatsbetreuung eines Kreditinstituts.

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Advances In Accounting Education V. Twenty years ago, behavioral economics did not exist as a field. Most economists were deeply skeptical--even antagonistic--toward the idea of importing insights from psychology into their field. Today, behavioral economics has become virtually mainstream.

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  • It is well represented in prominent journals and top economics departments, and behavioral economists, including several contributors to this volume, have garnered some of the most prestigious awards in the profession. This book assembles the most important papers on behavioral economics published since around Among the 25 articles are many that update and extend earlier foundational contributions, as well as cutting-edge papers that break new theoretical and empirical ground.

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