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Characteristics of subjects with self reported history of psychosis who were interested in self-assessment of their functional status via online e-diaries. In: Archives of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy. Search for:. We are using cookies on our website. Please confirm, if you accept our tracking cookies. You can also decline the tracking, so you can continue to visit our website without any data sent to third party services. Acierno, R. Andrews, G. Anthony, K. Appleby, L, et al. Manchester: University of Manchester, Aricatt, N.

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How to Protect Clients Clothing When Working with CYP - Sue Lewis

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Le Monde, 31st August Leigh, S. August Vol 19 No 3. Llordachs, F. Lorenz, N. Lorenzo-Luaces L. Lucas, G. Malhi, G. Martin, A. Martinez, C. Martinez-Martin N, Kreitmair K. McGeeney, E. Merz Nagel, D. Munro, E. Nitsburg, G. Pelling, N. Phey Ling Kit, P. Piwek, L. Pope, K. Price, L. Pybis1, J. Reese, R. Richards, D. Riva, G. Roddy, M. Rogers, C. Rousmaniere, T. Safran, J. Samuel, J. Sanchez Gonzalez, M. Serino, S. Simpson, S. Simpson, Sin, J. Skinner, A. Stainsby, K. Stokes, A. Suler, J. Sweet, T. Topoocoa, N. Tsalavouta, K. Utting-Simon, S.

Van Rijn, B. Weitz, P. Connect Login. Studiosity - Assessment help Access through Connect login. Search the Library Catalogue. New ebooks gallery - Counselling. ISBN: With statutory CAMHS services often heavily oversubscribed, and school and college services mainly offering brief therapeutic interventions, parents are increasingly turning to private practitioners for therapy for their children when they need expert emotional or psychological support. Working privately with children and families can be a rewarding experience for counselors and psychotherapists, but it can also be fraught with concerns for both practitioners and families alike.

Counselling Ideologies draws our attention to the dilemmas inherent within the therapeutic ideologies commonly subscribed to by psychotherapists and counsellors working with those who challenge heteronormative models and approaches. Identifying the modernist, heteronormative understandings of the world implicit in the more popular models, this book employs queer theory to challenge these ideologies, drawing on disciplines both within and outside of counselling and psychology, as well as sociology, cultural studies and various ethnographic accounts.

Alcohol misuse is becoming an increasingly significant issue for people aged 55 and over, and providing effective counselling services to this growing client group requires a unique and specialised approach. This practical guide explores the factors that differentiate older drinkers, and introduces an innovative person-centred model that will help counsellors and other healthcare professionals to give older people with alcohol problems the help and support they need. Older people with alcohol problems often have complex personal histories, and are particularly vulnerable to long-term dependency, social isolation and self-medication.

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