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Ilyushin was first used, which provided for a better precision of the aircraft contours especially the wing , high quality of riveting, and a considerable reduction of labor input.

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The IL was built at four plants in several versions of different modification. In total, 5, aircraft were built. In the Design Bureau, in the course of work related to passenger airplanes, designed the IL airliner with reciprocating engines for transportation of 66 passengers; however, this aircraft was not mass-produced. After the appearance of Soviet-manufactured turboprop engines, S. Ilyushin set the task to create a mass-produced passenger airliner, which would make the price of an air ticket be not higher than the price of a ticket to a railway coach.

In , work at the 4-engine turboprop airliner IL began. Kokkinaki; in , the aircraft was in mass production. The IL served as a base for several special-purpose aircraft versions. Because of its excellent flight and operating performance, the aircraft was widely used both in our country and abroad. Over aircraft were supplied to 16 countries.

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In , the ILM was put in operation. Soloviev; besides, for the first time the vertical tail was used as a fuel tank. The flight range was increased by 1, km. In their performance, these aircraft were equal to the best foreign intercontinental airliners of the respective generation.

In July , in accordance with a recommendation by S. Under G. Novozhilov, the most widely used military transportation and civil aircraft was designed: the jet airliner IL with DKP engines, which made its maiden flight on March 25, from the Frunze Central Airfield of Moscow, flown by E. It was adopted for service by the Air Force in The IL concept for the first time in the world utilized the concept providing for the basing of a heavy jet airlifter both on concrete-paved airdromes and on unpaved limited-size airfields.

The aircraft can be used for air-dropping of people and equipment; it can also carry large cargoes weight over 40 ton and various self-propelled vehicles. The loading system employs aircraft mechanical devices for loading and unloading. International and domestic containers and pallets can be used.

Ilyushin Il-4 In Action (Soft Cover) (Book) - HobbySearch Hobby Magazine Store

The IL became a mass aircraft of Soviet and Russian transport aviation. A special place in the work of the Aviation Complex is given to the designing of refueling tanker IL for long-range Air Force aircraft, and to the designing of aircraft for training of cosmonauts in gravity-free conditions, for firefighting, etc.

The aircraft version with a 6. Operation was started by Volga-Dnieper Company in Shaposhnikov was the Director from to Bliznyuk as the pilot. Since December , the IL has been in operation in domestic and international airlines. In the first half of the s, simultaneously with creation of the first Soviet high-seating-capacity aircraft IL, G. Novozhilov started design and research work in respect of a wide-body long-range passenger airliner.

Originally it was intended that the new aircraft would be a further modification of the IL; however, the constantly growing requirements to reduction of the cost of passenger-kilometer. Bliznyuk as the left pilot, took off from the Frunze Central Airport in Moscow. Based on results of evaluation of prospects for different classes of passenger aircraft and generalization of over 30 years of experience in operation of various versions of the IL aircraft, in the early s the S.

Ilyushin Design Bureau, in spite of the large amount of work and prior to completion of work in respect of the IL, started the design of a local airliner IL The IL may be operated from relatively small aerodromes containing concrete or unpaved runways, which contributes to the expansion of geography of using the aircraft. The version with ski-equipped landing gear makes flights in the Arctic. The aircraft is mass produced in Tashkent; 6 aircraft make flights in Uzbekistan.

The fuselage is 9. The take-off weight had been increased to ton; the aircraft range is 12, km. Flight tests of IL, a light multipurpose aircraft for local airlines, flight school training, and patrolling, began on May 17, Unfortunately, because of certain circumstances, the first aircraft of this type to have been built was not a passenger airliner for to seats, but the cargo version. In April our enterprise was converted into a joint stock company. Viktor Vladimirovich Livanov, who had started his work for the Company as a process engineer in the assembly shop, and was elected back in , became Director General for the Aviation Complex.

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Sales and marketing services were reinforced with extra staff; a project management department and a continued airworthiness center were established; the IT directorate and the training center were modernized. The Project is designated IL The aircraft is fitted with engines PSA; its wing was made using a new technology. It is being designed using state-of-the-art technologies and new methods for management of all processes.

Ilyushin Il-4 In Action (Soft Cover) (Book)

Similar work is being carried out for Russian aircraft. Other activities are also being performed.

Many employees were awarded Orders and medals. Six persons were awarded the title of the Hero of Socialist Labor. Among them, V. Kokkinaki is the only test pilot who was awarded this title twice. In autumn , because of evacuation of mass-production plants to the east, production of the IL-2 suffered a drastic reduction. In extremely hard conditions the aircraft manufacturers strove to arrange production of the ground attack aircraft at new locations, sometimes outdoors. That was the time of the Moscow battle, and the combat forces needed the IL-2 more than ever. Joseph Stalin sent a telegram to Kuibyshev to plant directors M. Shenkman and A. You still fail to manufacture the IL Our Red Army now needs the IL-2 to the same extent as it needs air or bread.

This is some sort of derision in respect of the country and the Red Army. We do not need the MiG.

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We need the IL If Plant No. Please do not put the government out of patience; I hereby demand that you make more IL aircraft.

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