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Rubber toughening is a process in which rubber nanoparticles are interspersed within a polymer matrix to increase Rubber Toughened Engineering Plastics.

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Brush: Its clean the pulley belt. Photo: Brush. Tension Disk: It confronts the tension of the supply yarn. Photo: Tension Disk. Inlet and Outlet Stop Motion: It is an important part of the machine.

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It stops the machine instantly when a yarn is break. Photo: Inlet and Outlet Stop Motion. Yarn Guide: Its help the yarn to feed in the feeder. Photo: Yarn Guide. Pulley belt gives motion to the wheel. Photo: MPF Wheel. MPF: It is Mamenger positive feed.

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It is also an important part of the machine. Photo: MPF. Feeder Ring: It is a ring. Where all feeders are pleased together. Photo: Feeder Ring. Disk Drum: Use in jacquard machine to produce various types of design. Photo: Disk Drum. Pattern Wheel: Pattern Wheel use in Pai Lung and Auto Stripe machine because of that that help to produce various types of design and stripe.

Photo: Pattern Wheel. Feeder: Feeder is help yarn to feed in to the machine. Photo: Feeder.

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Needle Track: Where all Needles is placed together in a decent design. Photo: Needle Track.

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Needle: It is a principal element of the knitting machine. Its help the yarn to create a loop.

And by this way fabric are produce. Prior to yarn feeding the needle is raised to clear the old loop from the hook, and received the new loop above it on needle stem. The new loop is then enclosed in the needle hook as the needle starts to descend. Photo: Different Types of Needle. Sinker: It is most important element of the machine. Its help to loop forming, knocking over and holding down the loop. Photo: Sinker. Sinker Ring: Sinker ring is a ring. Where all sinkers are pleased together. Photo: Sinker Ring.

Cam Box: Where the cam are set horizontally. Photo: Cam Box.


Cam: Cam is device s which converts the rotary machine drive in to a suitable reciprocating action for the needles and other elements. Photo: Cam. Lycra Attachment Device: Lycra is placed hear. And feeding to the machine.

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Photo: Lycra Attachment Device. Lycra Stop Motion: It is one kind of stop motion to stop the machine when the Lycra is break. Photo: Lycra Stop Motion. By scheduling regular servicing sessions, you can plan ahead and avoid expensive costs associated with unexpected downtime.

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  • Whether you require a repair or are up against a tight deadline, GAI AMERICA experts can quickly assess your needs and get you back online quickly and with minimal impact on your expenses. We can offer planned maintenance programs, to avoid downtimes, with regular, preventive and cost-saving maintenance. This allow you to take care of things in advance, with a custom-tailored maintenance package. We also offer equipment upgrades to enable you to provide your customers with the most suitable packaging format they wish.

    Our technicians can even recommend a maintenance strategy tailored to your schedule and budget, from cleaning, lubricating, to repair or full replacement of parts.