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Yinglish was formerly assigned the ISO code yib , but it was retired on July 18, , on the grounds that it is entirely intelligible with English. The Joys of Yiddish describes the following words as Yinglish except where noted as Ameridish: [29]. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This list is incomplete ; you can help by expanding it. The New Joys of Yiddish 2nd ed. New York: Crown Publishers. The New York Times. February 23, English World-wide , 39 1 : DOI: English World-wide , 39 1 : 8. Accessed German "alter Knacker" , for an old codger. The Jewish Chronicle Online. Retrieved January 3, Retrieved January 4, October Machtainista - Yiddish..

And so, while Mr. Trump is mutcheh -ing the mullahs, as he exulted in doing to an assortment of ethnicities and individuals over his campaign and his months so far in office, Mr. Mueller has been mutcheh -ing Mr. As has been Ms. Stormy Daniels, and her lawyer, Michael Avenatti. The word might seem at first to be an entirely original Yiddish one, which would be something of a rarity, but the fact that it is used in Yiddish in a different, non-annoying, context as well may indicate that its root lies in German. Cohen claimed few assets, asserting that he mutchet zich just to make ends meet.

Fool's paradise; the name of a legendary town inhabited by foolish, befuddled, but endearing people. The Chelmites are the subject of many Yiddish jokes. Chazzer KHAZ-er n. Chozek KHOH-zek n. Wedding canopy; hence, a marriage. Nerve; insolence; presumption and arrogance that quality of a man who, having murdered his parents pleads with the court to show him mercy on account of being an orphan. Chutzpenik khoots-PEN-ik n.

Impudent fellow; someone who has a lot of chtizpah nerve. Danken Got! To pray, usually in a formulaic or ritualized fashion, such as davening morning prayers before shacharit services. For instance, a child who wants only a certain toy and will take no other is demanding davkah that toy. Or when the Torah tells us to make a Menorah out of beaten gold we may ask why dakvah beaten gold?

And so on. Davka can also mean "particularly, despite expectations to the contrary. Davkanist DAHV-ka-nist n. Der mensch trakht un Gott lahkht der mensh trakht un Got lahkt - Man thinks plans and God laughs. Devar Torah der-vahr TOH-rah - n. A word of Torah; a discussion of the weekly Torah portion.

Donnershtick DON-er-shtik n. Doppess DOP-ess n. Dorfying DORF-yingk n. Boor; country-bumpkin; rube. Dos gefelt mir dos ge-FELT meer phr. Dreidel DRAY-dl n. A top used in playing a game of chance during the festival of Chanukah; in Hebrew a Sivivon. In Israel, the Shin is replaced with a Pey for "po" - here. Drek drek n. Substandard merchandize; worthless junk; shoddy stuff. Also spelled "dreck.

To recite the Aaronic blessing birkat kohanim from the platform in front of the Holy Ark. In Hebrew, dukhan means "platform. Dybbuk DIB-bik n. Evil spirit; demon; incubus. A groan or disparaging exclamation. Eckveldt EK-veldt n. A generous compliment. Edelkeit: n. Edel Mensch AY-del mensh n. A gentleman. Eingeshparht AYN-geh-shpart adj. Einhoreh ine-HAW-reh n. Without the "evil eye" - that is, said without envy or spite Emess EM-es n. Engbrew eng-brew n.

English written using Hebrew letters. Eppes EP-pes pn.


Upright Jews. Religious Jews. Ess ess v. The implication is that marriage is a cure-all. See Chasseneh for more.

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Farbissen far-BISS-en adj. Bitter; sullen; embittered person; crippled by bitterness. A farbissener m or farbissenah f is a grump or crabby person; a bitter person or curmudgeon. Sour face; bitter-looking face; grouchy face. Farblonjet far-BLON-jet adj. Farbrenger FAR-breng-er n. Party esp. A fiery-eyed radical; fanatic; devotee. Farfallen far-FALL-en adj. Spoiled, rotten, decayed. Worse than "crappy" be careful with this word! Farmakh dos moyl! Farshadet far-SHAH-det adj.

Pained; wounded; hurt. This phrase is also used to refer to a painful issue that never has been resolved between people Do you get it? Also spelled farshtayst. Stinky person; smelly person; adj. The adjective form is farshtunkeneh. Farshvitzt far-shvitzd adj. Sweaty; dripping wet; "shvitz" is sweat. Far vus? For what? How disgusting! That stinks! An general expression of disgust or distaste. A dog sleeps in my bed? Feinshmeker FINE-shmek-er adj. A person with fine taste; elite; epicure. Ferdrimmeled fer-DRIM-eld adj. Mixed up in the head; turned around; confused; addled; scrambled; turned upside down and inside out.

Ferkockt fer-KOKT adj. Stinking; n. Ferkockteh fur-KOK-teh adj. Worse than "crappy"; Utterly messed up and out of order. Fehgeleh FAY-ge-leh n. Miserable; "dark and slippery. A monster; ugly individual; for example, your daughter's fiance whom you do not like. Fleishig FLAY-shig adj.

Consisting of, prepared with, or relating to meat or meat products. A kosher concept. Someone who talks through his nose; a double-talker; a cheat; swindler he's a fonferer - watch his math! The verb is to fonfer Frailech FRAY-likh adj. Also spelled freylech. Happy; cheery; optimistic; in a good mood. Fress fress To eat a great deal; to eat quickly and voraciously.

Fresser: n; fressing: adj; To nosh is to snack; to ess is to eat; but you fress when you're acting like a chozzer. Frosk frosk n. Frum frum adj. Pious; religious; observant, esp. Fumfer FUM-fer v. A big deal; also - a long boring story or speech, especially if it's been repeated. Ganzteh also spelled ganszeh means "entire," whole. Gartl GAR-tel n. Gelt gelt n. Genug ge-NUG adv. Enough; also spelled genuk. Genuk is genuk. Cursed; accursed; Geshvollen gesh-VAL-len adj. Swollen, puffed up; also applied to person with haughty pride. Get get n. Ritual divorce document for Orthodox Jews. Gezinta ge-ZIN-teh adj.

Gevaldikeh Zakh! Heaven Forbid! O help!

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To "cry gevalt" is to shray gevalt! Gevaltize ge-VALT-ize v. To engage in alarmist activities; to cry "gevalt! The noun form is "gevalthood" -- the state of gevaltizing. Gey gezunterheit gay ge-ZOON-te-hayt phr. Literally, "Go in good health," but usually meant as "Yeah, go do whatever you like. Fine, don't listen to me. See if I care. So, you want to join that rock band instead of attending Harvard? Healthy troubles. Troubles one should not take too seriously.

Gib a keek gib-a-keek phr. Take a look! Glatt glaht adj. Glatt Kosher is the ultimate in kosher meat Also used to describe anyone is extremely strict in their practice sometimes pejoratively. Glick glik n. Luck; good fortune umglick - unlucky. Goen GOH-en n. Golem GO-lem also: Goylem. Zombie; graceless oaf; subnormal person. A "living" creature with no soul. This idea comes from the Talmud which says that Adam was a golem before receiving his soul.

The golem became a favorite character in Eastern European literature and is usued as a synonym for "bogeyman. Someone known to be shady or untrustworthy; bamboozler. Gornisht GOR-nisht : n. Bupkis; nada; nothing; zilich in a bad way. Got in himmel GUT-in-him-el "God in heaven. A holy person; religious person. Goy goy n. A non-Jew; outsider. Goyeh is the feminine. Goyim is the plural.

Dubious pleasure; i. Goyishe GOY-ish-eh adj. Not Jewish, i. In general, "Goyishe" means "Gentile. To burb loudly and with deep meaning. Grober GRAW-ber n. Crude, unmannered person; grabby bore. Grober Yung - crude youth. A derogatory term for "Big Shot". That is someone who is either important or more likely thinks they are important. Gut Shabbes! Good Sabbath! Gut Yontif! Good holiday!

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Also spelled alivai! Halvah HAL-vah n. Sesame-seed confection; sandy-candy. Hamentaschen HA-men-tah-shen n. A triangular pastry served on Purim, said to resemble Haman's hat. Hamsa HAM-seh n. Charm; amulet; a common Middle Eastern protective talisman, often displayed by both Jews and Muslim, representing an open hand, often with an eye drawn in the palm. Rabbinic supervision of a food product or facility. Havurah HAV-rah n. Fellowship group. Also spelled chavurah. Haymish HAY-mish adj. Homey; plain and unaffected; also: homely. Sometimes spelled as haimish or heymish. Haymisheh Mensch HAY-mish-eh mensh n.

A friendly face. Hechsher HEKH-sher n. A " k " symbol on food packaging that means its contents are kosher and were prepared under rabbinical supervision. A symbol or other seal originally a seal with the Mashgiach's name placed on a preprepared product certifying its kashrut. Hekdish HEG-dish n. Hilf hilf n. A godsend; help. Hondler HOND-ler n. Someone who hondles or negotiates for a deal. A bargainer. The verb is sometimes spelled handl.

Hock hock v. To pitch; ask; hawk; to bother incessanlt; to nag; to make meaningless noise as if banging on a teakettle Hoo-Haw hoo haw excl. Hoo boy!

Exclamation of excitement often ironic. Hotzeplotz HOTZ-ze-plotz n. Sick; nauseated; blechedic. Ich hob dir lieb ikh HOB dir leeb phr. I love you! Kaddish KAHD-dish n. The traditional mourner's prayer Kadokhes kahd-DAH-khes n. A worthless person. Kalamutneh kal-ah-MUHT-neh adj. Gloomy; morose; glum. Kalleh moid KAL-leh moyd n. Karger KAR-ger n. Cheapskate; miser; tightwad. Kasheh KAH-sheh n. Kasher KA-sher v. Kaynahorah kane-ah-HOW-rah "No evil eye!

An incantation to ward off evil influences my child? Pronounced postpositively in order to ward off the evil eye, especially when speaking of one's good fortune. Russian dance involving kicks from a squatting position. Khap khap v. A nogoodnik; good for nothing; a disease sounds like cholera. Khazzer KHAZ-er n. Also spelled: chazzer. Kibbitz KI-bitz v. Also to comment upon during a show or game; to needlessly interfere. To butt in and offer to remedy other people's business. Kibosh KIE-bosh n. Kiddish KID-dish n. The blessing over wine on the eve of the Sabbath or Festivals.

Superstitious "knock on wood! Same listing as Kaynahorah. Kishkas KISH-kahs literally, guts, intestines, literally and figuratively. Also, a thick "sausage" made with matza meal and spices, which is sliced and fried. Kish mir in tuchas kish meer en TUH-kiss phr. Kishnev KISH-nev n. Kitzel kitz-el tickle also spelled kitsel.

Klippeh KLIP-eh n. Female demon; shrew; vixen; relentless nag. Klutz klutz n. Knadle k'nay-del n. Knocker ke-nock-er n.

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Big shot. Kockeputzi ka-ka-POOT-sie n. Kolboynik kol-BOY-nik n. A know-it-all. Kokh-lefel KOKH-lef-el. Someone who "stirs the pot" with rumors or gossip. Kolikeh or Kalyekeh KOL-e-keh n. Cripple; sickly person; also: an inept performer; someone not so good at their craft. Koonts koontz n. Kop kop n.

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Head, brain; pejorative adds sheish in front Loch in kop is a "hole in the head. Kopvaitik kop-VYE-tik n. Kosher koh-shure gelt adj.

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To be considered kosher, domesticated animals must have split hooves and chew their cud; birds cannot be raptorial or predatory; and fish must possess both scales and fins no shellfish are allowed. No animals may be trief torn but must be slaughtered by an approved shochet Jewish butcher who follows Jewish slaughtering laws.

For kosher purposes, fish are not considered meat. Milchik dairy and fleshik meat cannot be eaten together. Foods that are pareve neutral such as fruits, vegetables, grains, eggs, and fish can be eaten with either dairy or meat dishes but be careful about the health risks of margarine, since margarine was likely invented to create "kosher" butter.

The kitchen, dishes, and food utensils must be kashered boiled to prepare food, and there must be two sets of dishes and silverware, utensils, etc. Kosher Gelt koh-shure gelt n. Krekhts krekhts v. To croak; to caw; to grunt; to wheeze a monor pain or discomfort; to fuss or complain; to "oy.

Krenk krenk n. General malaise. Kup kup n. Kush mir in tuchas kush meer in TOO-khus phr. Kvell kvell v.

To burst or gush with pride; swell with naches. Gloat or brag. Kvetch kvetch v. Kvitch k'vitch v. Kvitlekh KVIT-lekh n. A kvitl pl.