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Since a pattern is a generalization of abstraction mechanisms like class, procedure, function, etc. In addition to the above mentioned abstraction mechanisms, the pattern subsumes notions such as generic package and task type as known from Ada. As I learned on a trip to Denmark years ago, BETA remains relevant because of the students who worked on it[1], many of whom have gone on to do important work in languages and virtual machines.

Concepts and Concept-Oriented Programming

Don't be surprised to see some of their nostalgia should they happen to spot this thread! I dunno - probably best to look at what kinds of things can be done with this tool effectively relative to other tools that could be used. I can do A LOT with my circular saw, but there are many cases where reciprocating saw is a better idea. Edit: I used to write a lot of C code - and for the longest time turned up my nose at that "toy scripting language : javascript. This also led me to dive into python..

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I was traying to find an example of a program in the site, but I couldn't. Springer-Verlag New York, Inc.

Luiz Fernando Capretz. A brief history of the object-oriented approach. Notes, 28 2 :6, Luca Cardelli and Peter Wegner. On understanding types, data abstraction, and polymorphism.

BETA (programming language)

ACM Comput. Iain Craig. Programming in Dylan.

Inheritance: One mechanism, many conflicting uses. In Proc. Workshop on Software Reuse. Margaret A. Ellis and Bjarne Stroustrup.

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Addison-Wesley Longman Publishing Co. Flanagan and Y. The ruby programming language.

Jerry Gao, Chris Chen, Y. Toyoshima, David Kung, and Pei Hsia.

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Identifying polymorphism change and impact in object-orientated software maintenance. Journal of Software Maintenance, 8 6 , Gosling, B.

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Joy, G. Running tests Test Organization Accepting Command Line Arguments Reading a File Refactoring to Improve Modularity and Error Handling Working with Environment Variables Functional Language Features: Iterators and Closures Processing a Series of Items with Iterators Comparing Performance: Loops vs. Iterators More about Cargo and Crates. Customizing Builds with Release Profiles Publishing a Crate to Crates. Cargo Workspaces Installing Binaries from Crates. Extending Cargo with Custom Commands Smart Pointers Rc , the Reference Counted Smart Pointer RefCell and the Interior Mutability Pattern Fearless Concurrency Threads Message Passing Shared State Extensible Concurrency: Sync and Send Object Oriented Programming Features of Rust Characteristics of Object-Oriented Languages Implementing an Object-Oriented Design Pattern Patterns Match the Structure of Values All the Places Patterns May be Used