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Liang: Euro. Chen, X. Liu, Y.

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Liu and H. Kim: Colloid Polym. Wang, C. Zhang, Y. Li, Y. Chen, Z. Tong: React. Yang, L. Liu, J. Zhang, C. Li, H. Zhao: J. Colver, C. Colard and S. Bon: J. Li, C. Wang, Y. Tong: J. All Rights Reserved. Log In. Paper Titles. Research on Microbial Degradation of Corn Stalk p. Article Preview. Add to Cart. Advanced Materials Research Volumes Main Theme:. Material and Manufacturing Technology II.

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Edited by:. Liu Guiping. Online since:. September Methods which may be used to disperse silane coupling agents in water are described by Plueddemann, cited supra. The water dispersions of the silanes of this invention represent a commercially desirable embodiment and a value of about 1. Examples of suitable aminoorganosilanes include compounds represented by the following formulas. The isocyanatoalkyl esters are known in the art and may be prepared by methods described in United States Patent Numbers 2,, and 2,, A typical preparation of IEM comprises reacting an aqueous solution of 2-isopropenyloxazoline with an organic solution of phosgene in the presence of an acid acceptor.

This process has been described in detail in U. Patent Number 4,, The following examples are offered for the purpose of illustration and should not be construed as limiting the claimed invention. Unless noted to the contrary, proportions are on a weight basis. Into a 3-neck flask equipped with a stirrer, a thermometer and a vented addition funnel, were added 22 g 0. While stirring this solution, 31 g 0.

After cooling the product, 5 g of methanol was added in order to react with any remaining isocyanate functionality. The molar ratio of IEM to N-beta-aminoethyl-gamma-aminopropyltrimethoxysilane in this example is 2. The procedure of Example 1 was followed to produce urea-functional silanes having an average molar ratio of 1.

The method of Example 1 was employed to react 22 g 0. No solvent was included during the reaction. After cooling, Organofunctional silanes, prepared according to Examples 1 and 3, as well as a comparison silane, were evaluated in wollastonite-filled polyester resin. CoRezyn is described as a rigid isophthalate polyester diluted in styrene monomer. During the de-airing step, the bulk of any solvent present was driven off. Duplicate rods were exposed to boiling water for 24 hours and similarly tested for flexural strength. Results are presented in Table I. Rods were prepared and tested according to the methods described in Example 4 using a novacite filler.

Daper Malvern Minerals, Hot Springs, AR , is described as a natural noviculite silica having an average particle size of 5. Fifty parts of Daper were mixed with 50 parts of catalyzed CoRezyn 0. The span used in flexural testing was 2.

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Additionally, water dispersions of the various silanes were prepared according to methods described by Plueddemann, cited supra, and the dispersions characterized visually. Results are presented in Table II:. Glass microbeads having the composition of E-glass and an average diameter of 30 microns E from Potters Industries, Hasbrouck, NJ were treated with various coupling agents at a level of 0. Mixtures containing 60 parts of these treated fillers and 40 parts of a catalyzed 0.

Cured rods of these compositions were tested for flexural strength using a 2. Results are shown in Table III.

In the comparative examples of this table, the coupling agent Volan E. Du Pont de Nemours and Co. Rods were prepared and tested according to the methods described in Example 4 using a silica-filled polyester.

Silane/Coupling Agent

Flexural strength results using a test span of 1. Various silanes of this invention were compared with standard silane coupling agents with respect to performance as primers for glass i. The adhesion of these polyester films was rated before and after submersion in boiling water for two hours. This procedure comprised prying or scraping the films from the glass slides using a razor blade.

Results are presented in Table V, wherein the following rating scheme pertains:. A method similar to that of Example 1 was employed to prepare an organosilane of the present invention wherein three moles of 2-isocyanatoethyl methacrylate were reacted with one mole of the aminoorganosilane having the formula.

In all cases, the organosilane coupling agents-of this invention proved superior to, or at least as good as, comparison coupling agents with respect to flexural strength after immersion in boiling water for 24 hours. The organosilanes of this invention were also superior to or as good as the comparative silanes when each was used to prime glass or aluminum substrates.

An organosilane represented by the formula. A process for bonding a polymerizable material to a mineral filler comprising: a mixing the organosilane of claim 1 with a polymerizable material having aliphatic unsaturation and a filler having hydroxyl functionality thereon, to obtain a uniform dispersion of the components; and b polymerizing said material to form a solid composite. The process of claim 2, wherein said mixing step further comprises first treating said filler with said organosilane and then dispersing the resulting treated filler in said polymerizable material.

A method for priming a surface having hydroxyl functionality thereon to improve its bonding to organic resins containing aliphatic unsaturation in the uncured state, comprising wetting said surface with a solution of the organosilane of claim 1 and then drying said surface. USA en. EPB1 en. JPHB2 en.

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Novel fatty ethenoid acylaminoorganosilicon compounds and their use as a coupling agent.

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EPA3 en. JPSA en. Room temperature curable fluoropolymer composition; and fluorine-containing organosilicon compounds, a method of producing the same, and room temperature curable silicone composition containing the same. USREE en. Method for making substantially silanol-free silicone resin powder, product and use. JPB2 en. KRB1 en. Functionalized polyorganosiloxanes and one of the processes for the preparation thereof. Coating resin composition containing hydrolyzable organosilane, acrylic resin and polyorganosiloxane. CNC en. Coating compositions based on inorganic polycondensates containing fluorine, preparation and method of use thereof that.

RUC2 en. Method for controlled hydrolysis and condensation of organosilanes containing epoxy functional groups, as well as co-condensation thereof with other alkoxy silanes with organic functional groups. Ref country code : FR Payment date : Year of fee payment : Ref country code : DE Payment date : Year of fee payment : Ref country code : GB Payment date : Year of fee payment : Lapsed in a contracting state announced via postgrant inform.

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