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I think she got better as she went along and have quite enjoyed some of hers.

As far as supernatural bits go, John, you might like her Evidence of Things Seen, about the ghostly woman in the sunbonnet. It's a little like one of those New England regional ghost stories that Edith Wharton and other women used to write. There's a Chaucer manuscript in that one. Because Penzler chose to reprint this one I expected more from it.

I was really disappointed.

The Book of the Dead

TomCat's opinion above is a bit harsher than mine but I completely agree. Hardly any detection, too much time wasted on the obvious, and lots of boring nonsense about a production of Webster's play that is doomed from the get go. If you read all the Bantams you must have read most of her books by now. Sounds like should no longer dally with Daly!

I remember reading them all too. But I have to say until I saw her name on your blog, I hadn't given her a thought. So I guess she was not all that impressive. But I bet I read everyone. In my heyday of reading mysteries, I probably read a week so they couldn't all be top-drawer writers I guess. Among second-tier GA mystery writers she definitely has a stronger following than most. I've only read a few of Daly's mysteries but enjoyed them all.

The Book of the Dead (Henry Gamadge Mysteries, book 8) by Elizabeth Daly

Labels: bibliomystery , con artists , Elizabeth Daly , Henry Gamadge. TomCat January 21, at AM. My mother was at home and they were engaged, but not married yet. Interesting to think about the time and what life was like. You are right, Kay. And they do have very nice covers. I am very happy to hear that, because when I was looking for the last two I had not read this book was one of them , it was very hard to find affordable copies. She would have been 18 and met my father in , I think. How nostalgic to remember all that.

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I heard many stories about those days. I used to read everything by an author when I found them.

The House Without The Door by Elizabeth Daly

Now I hop around and often lose track of series. Spoiled for choice, I guess. I'm glad you enjoyed this one, Tracy. I like Elizabeth Daly's writing style, and her Henry Gamadge is an interesting character. And somehow, she makes Gamadge's involvement in cases believable, although that's a bit hard to do with an amateur detective. You are right about Daly making Gamadge's investigations seem natural, inevitable, Margot. Amateur detectives are not my favorites, but that never bothered me with this series.

New author to me, and I'm intrigued.

Paperback Editions

I'll have to see if any are easy to find. I hope you do find one of her books to try, Rick.

And if you do, that you enjoy it. I'm unfamiliar with Daly's work, Tracy. I'm going to check her out. Thanks for the enticing introduction! Ebook editions are definitely available for these, Matt. I hope you see something you like there. I always enjoy Elizabeth Daly, but I honestly can't tell one from another. Until you gave me the kind shoutout at the end, I couldn't remember whether I'd read this one or not!

I would like to read more though Since I have not read any of Daly's books in quite a while beyond this one , I don't remember any specific stories, Moira. I do remember that he married during the series, and apparently Clara is staying elsewhere during this book. And then later, Daly's niece, Eleanor Boylan, wrote a short series about Clara Gamadge as an amateur sleuth. Haven't tried any of those. She is not that well known, Kay, but her books are fairly easy to find in ebook or trade paper which is good. A consultant in antiquarian books is an interesting protagonist and he is a likable character.

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