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Best of TTU – How the Turtles got their Name… and are the Turtle Rules Relevant Today?

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Attachments: Simplified original turtle trading system. Exit Attachments. Simplified original turtle trading system.

Joined Jan Status: Member 56 Posts. The story of the commodity trading Turtles has become one of the most famous in trading history. Their success has stirred the interest of many new traders and helped Richard Dennis become one of the most famous commodity traders of all time. Its rules covered every aspect of trading, and left no decisions to the subjective whims of the trader.

The Turtles Followed Trading Rules. What Are Yours?

It had every component of a Complete Trading System. Since, here are my own simplified original turtle trading system as i would want to make my trading simple and easy to execute. Exist: when the price exceeding by one pips of the high or low of the preceding 10 days. Attached Image click to enlarge. Attached File. Mar 26, am Mar 26, am. Joined Sep Status: Member 36 Posts. Ronald Raygun. Use a trading simulator. Mar 27, am Mar 27, am.

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Joined Aug Status: Member Posts. Quoting Saintsurfer. If it turns out that the breakout is a winning one, you need to open a trade once the price breaks out of a day channel. Instead of placing an order, they monitored the price and waited for the breakout to close a trade.

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To calculate a stop loss, you need to add the ATR indicator on your chart:. By placing this stop loss, we play it safe. As we follow strict exit rules see below , stop losses are hardly ever activated. The marked point indicates the breakout of the day channel upwards. Here we would have to exit the trade:.

This is how we make exits. Be sure to closely monitor the indicators and wait for the entry and exit signals. This is where we would be able to enter the market. ATR would be at points. For any other ATR value, we would calculate the interval for additional orders as a half of that value.

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As for stop losses for additional orders, they are calculated exactly like described above. Once your additional order is activated, the stop loss for your position shifts up or down.

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If case of a losing streak, they still managed to stay in the game. This is what the money management is all about. The trade, which we had opened at the breakout of the day channel, would close once the stop loss is activated:.


Because the previous breakout of the day channel was a winning one. However, it broke out of the day channel and the trade closed with a loss.


The previous signal was a losing one. Here we need a stop loss to limit our potential losses. ATR is currently at 47 points so we would place a stop loss at about points. We exit the market at the breakout of the day channel. Here the previous entry occurred some time after the entry at the breakout of the day channel:. This trade would bring us 2, points, with a stop loss at points. This means that our profit would be 23 times bigger than our stop loss! Although they traded multiple instruments, these few trades earned them the most of their income.

Manage your risks to stay in the game longer and enjoy a winning streak. Simple trading systems tend to be more reliable and time-tested. It covers every required component of a complete system: what to buy or sell, how much to buy or sell, when to buy or sell, when to get out of a losing position, when to get out of a winning position and the tactics of actually placing the orders themselves. You must be logged in to post a comment. Why you should catch the silver bug Trend trading: some discoveries on trend following systems and contra-trend trading.

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