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Or is there a chance, a glimmer of a possibility, that the past and future could unfurl to our physical experience at will? As Gleick points out, for most of human history, change was incremental — yesterday looked much like today, today much like tomorrow. The development of technology, culminating in the industrial revolution, made that possible.

A brief history of time travel

As change abounded, the future, and what it might look like, became a subject for speculation. And as archaeology burgeoned, writers like E Nesbit began flights of fancy to the past, too. As Gleick reveals, problems and paradoxes immediately spewed forth. Is our future governed by fate, or free will? Does time travel always mean ending up naked, your clothes left in the present? What would happen if a time traveller killed his or her grandfather when he was a child?

Among those doing the thinking are philosophers and scientists.

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The consummate temporal tour guide, Gleick deftly navigates the twists and turns of our fascination with time travel, investigating its evolution in literature, exploring scientific principles that have hinted at or scotched the idea, and teasing apart the curious spell it cast across society with its suggestion of immortality. But, as he notes, not every product of this obsession with time was profound.

Not every idea of time travel is rooted in the physical, and Gleick explores how in the act of storytelling we mess with chronology.

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Readers, too, become time travellers, able to move at will backwards and forwards through a story. More than that, Gleick argues, books cannot be detached from time.

For the first time in human history, the pace of technological change was visible within a human lifespan. It is not a coincidence that it was only after science and technological change became a normal part of the human experience, that time travel became something we dreamed of. Time travel is actually somewhat unique in science fiction.

Many core concepts have their origins earlier in history. The historical roots of the concept of a 'robot' can be seen in Jewish folklore for example: Golems were anthropomorphic beings sculpted from clay.

A Brief History of Time Travel

In Greek mythology, characters would travel to other worlds, and it's no coincidence that The Matrix features a character called Persephone. But time travel is different. The book tells the story of a scientist who builds a machine that will take him to the year , - a world in which ape-like Morlocks are evolutionary descendants of humanity, and have regressed to a primitive lifestyle.

But of course, this was science fiction - what about science fact? The two have always been closely linked, and during the early days it was no different.

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The development of Special and then General Relativity was significant as it provided the theoretical backbone for how time travel could be conceived in scientific terms. Though he never gave up hope that he might be right: Apparently even on this deathbed, he would ask if anyone has found evidence of a spinning universe.

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And if he does ever turn out to be right, it means that time travel can happen, and is actually fairly straightforward well, as far as physics goes anyway. So far, despite one false alarm at CERN in , there is no evidence that they actually exist. Of course, the lack of real science when it comes to time travel has not stopped some people from claiming to have done it.

With the likes of Marty McFly and Doctor Who on the brain, chancers and hoaxers have realised that time travel is immediately a compelling prospect. At the turn of the millennium, when the internet was still in its infancy, forums were captivated by the story of John Titor. Titor claimed he was from the year , and had been sent back in time by the government to obtain an IBM computer. The thinking appeared to be that by obtaining the computer, the government could find a solution to the UNIX bug - in which clocks could be reset, Millennium Bug-style, leading to chaos everywhere. More recently, in , an Iranian scientist named Ali Razeghi claimed to have invented a time machine of sorts. The idea is that the Iranian government could use it to predict future security threats and military confrontations.

So perhaps it is time to check in and see if he managed to predict Donald Trump?