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Previous struggles with the Indian , dating back to colonial times, had been limited as to scope and opponent and took place in a period when the Indian could withdraw or be pushed into vast reaches of uninhabited and as yet unwanted territory to westward.

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By this safety valve was fast disappearing; routes of travel and pockets of settlement had multiplied across the western two-thirds of the nation, and as the Civil War closed, white Americans in greater numbers and with greater energy than before resumed the quest for land, gold, commerce, and adventure that had been largely interrupted by the war. The showdown between the older Americans and the new — between two ways of life that were basically incompatible — was at hand.

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The besieged red man, with white civilization pressing in and a main source of livelihood — the buffalo — threatened with extinction, was faced with a fundamental choice: surrender or fight. Given its central role in dealing with the Indian, the Army made a major contribution to continental consolidation. After Appomattox, the Army had to muster out over a million volunteers and reconstitute a Regular establishment that had languished during the Civil War when bounties and short enlistments made service in the volunteers more profitable.

There were operational commitments to sustain during and after the transition, some an outgrowth of the war just ended, others the product of internal and external situations that could not be ignored. But these and other later involvements were passing concerns. The conflict with the red man was the overriding consideration in the next twenty-five years until Indian power was broken.

Unfortunately, the military assets released from other tasks were lost through reductions in force instead of being diverted to frontier defense. For even though the country during the Indian campaigns could not be said to be at peace, neither Congress nor the war-weary citizens in the populous Atlantic states were prepared to consider it in a state of war.

And in any case, there was strong sentiment against a large standing army as well as a widely held belief that the Indian problem could be settled by other than military means. As the postwar Army took shape, its strength began a decade of decline, dropping from an level of about 57, to half that in the year that General Custer was killed, then leveling off at an average of about 26, for the remaining years up to the War with Spain.

Effective strength always lay somewhere below authorized strength, seriously impaired, for example, by high rates of sickness and desertion. According to one popular image, the Aztec army was a ruthless and efficient war machine, According to one popular image, the Aztec army was a ruthless and efficient war machine, that established an empire by convincingly overwhelming its neighbors, sacrificing thousands to bloodthirsty gods along the way.

From a contrasting perspective, its native warriors were With the ending of the Cold War , the B's traditional combat role became redundant, With the ending of the Cold War , the B's traditional combat role became redundant, and the USAF looked for new ways to use the machine. The invasion of Kuwait by Iraq in August gave the B the chance This gripping study offers key insights into the tactics, leadership, combat performance, and subsequent reputations Highlander in the French-Indian War: Colonial American historian Ian Macpherson McCulloch uses rare sources to bring to life the stirring Colonial American historian Ian Macpherson McCulloch uses rare sources to bring to life the stirring story of the three Scottish Highland regiments that operated in North America during the French-Indian War Forbidden to carry arms or wear the kilt Hong Kong First strike in the Pacific.

On 8th December , as part of the simultaneous combine attack against Pearl Harbor, the After only 18 days of battle the defenders, Bloomsbury USA. Men-at-Arms Series , Current subscription listings:.

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